Marketing for indie games.
If youíre an indie developer, you know that the most important part of marketing is to simply have a great game. IndieViddy can handle the more technical aspects of marketing for you, so that you can focus your time and energy on making your game great.
I create trailers and gameplay videos that will show off your game to the public. Iíve personally worked with developers like Hitbox Team (Dustforce), Cipher Prime (Fractal), and Strange Loop Games (Vessel) to help present their games to the world.
I create press releases for your game and company, and send them out to hundreds of journalists that are interested in talking about you: your story, your talent, and your game.
I get your game noticed by industry professionals and people who are passionate about indie games. I send out review builds, exclusive offers, and press packs to writers and bloggers who love talking about indie games.
Iíve worked very closely with indie developers, so I understand the unique challenges they face. Thatís why Iím flexible when it comes to pricing, timing, and creative control. If you think we should work together, send me a message using the form below, or email me at

Let's work together!